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My partner and I love Caffè Guglielmo! I moved from Calabria 8 years ago and took my family home's habit of the great Aroma Guglielmo with me ❤️


I was recommended this coffee by my best friends sister about 12-18 months ago and have never looked back. I have had many a holiday in Italy and truly love the authentic taste of this coffee - a fantastic brand across all of it coffee blends. I also love the expresso cups & saucers I purchased recently to add to the coffee drink experience.


Thank you for consistently great coffee!


Speedy delivery and very nice coffee!


Well, have to say the coffee is amazing. I was introduced to this coffee via my local coffee shop in London, and started to buy this coffee for use at home during lockdown. Extra Bar is great. Last year I bought Bar 5 Stelle which was also amazing. These coffees are a dark roast with loads of flavour and not bitter or over roasted.