Why choose Caffe Guglielmo?

We serve all types of establishments, from coffee shops to restaurants, garden centers to bus stations!

Est. 1943

We're among some of the oldest coffee roasters in the world! With over 80 years behind us, we continue to grow as a family of companies. In this time we have increased our product offerings!


We supply establishments around the world, we often deliver in-house however on longer journeys we'll use a Courier partner. Your always gaurenteed to have the coffee delivered before you run out!


We provide a full services for all coffee equipment Our field engineers are highly trained and usually fix problems on site! In the event we can't (Inc Services), We'll leave a temporary machine for you!


Part of our services include Barista Training. One of our team members will come out to the establishment and conduct an in depth training course for your staff at a minimal cost, this is usually to cover travel only.

Have you chosen your blend?

We've got so many too choose from! Our representives can help you choose one tailored for your customers, so theres no need to rush!

Equipment Rental Service

We offer all customers an ERS for a small fee, on agreed terms, for example, A 2 Group Coffee Machine, Coffee Grounder and Knockout drawer for £110pcm (Inc VAT - Guide Price*). This agreement covers all repairs and services required for the machine. We have options to suit all budgets, Second hand loan equipment or Brand new loan equipment. Feel free to email us info@caffeguglielmo.co.uk for more information!

Ready to take the next step?

Drop your details on the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 Hours! Alternatively, give us a call on +44 (0) 330 223 6379 or Email info@caffeguglielmo.co.uk We look forward to serving you soon!

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