Spend a little, to change alot!

Here at Caffe Guglielmo, we hate waste! By law, our Italian factory has to stamp a Best Before on all our Products which is usually no more then 2 years from the products manufacturing date. Now this raises the problem we have in our industry! What do we do with the surplus coffee? We discount it heavily of course! Luckily, coffee dosen’t expire and is good to use long after it’s intital best before period! Although we can’t garuntee this will be the best cup you’ll have, we can firmly say we’re supporting the earth by reducing our waste! Our surplus is usually updated every 2-4 weeks, so if nothing is displayed, unforunetly, we won’t have anything to discount just yet! All the products include the original best before. In the case of GUSTO Range, specifically, Cappucino packs, the milk capsule will have been removed and disposed of for safety reasons.