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Earn coffee beans for spending on our shop! Whenever you for every £1 we’ll give you 10 coffee beans for your packet!

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When you place an order on our shop, you'll be rewarded with Coffee Beans! Make sure you're signed in at the checkout.



Enter your date of birth and we'll top you up as a birthday treat! You can also earn by being subscribed to our newsletters!



The minimum redemption is £1, which can be obtained from the checkout or your account page! You save money!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered most of the basic questions we get asked here, if you’re query is not listed, feel free to drop us an email at and one of our team members will try to answer your query within 24 hours!

You can use your account to view and use all your points, just head over to the account tab and click ‘My Beans’ for all your totals!

This could be why!

  1. You haven’t signed-up or placed an order!
  2. You didn’t enter the billing address used for previous orders. (Just let us know and we’ll change your total!)
  3. It’s not your birthday yet! 🙁

While checking out, you can use the total combined against our withdrawal rate. for 50 Beans you’ll get £1 off! So if you had 300 Beans, you could nab a bargain of £6 off your order! Now thats rewarding!

While it’s not possible to transfer beans to another account, you can create a coupon code, which is valid for 30 days, and give it to your friend or loved one! To do this, just head over to the My Account Dashboard and ‘My Beans’ Tab. Click the convert Beans to Coupon, enter the desired amount and it will be automatically generated!

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