Coffee Brill

Coffee Brill



Professional Coffee Machine Cleaner

750ml Bottle

Can be used in all Espresso Machines to ensure a high quality clean. Dissolves all coffee granules and keeps Valves clean by back washing the machine. Safe to use on Group handles with a Blind Filter.


1. Pour the solution into a blind filter (placed into the group handle).

2. Press the non-stop button on your machine (if automatic) or turn on the group (if manual) for 15 seconds.

3. Repeat this process until the water comes out clean and has no dark spots or coffee residue.

4. Once cleaned change the blind filter back for a normal single or double filter and clean the group handle to ensure no chemicals remain.

5. Wash through the handle with the same process without the solution.

It’s recommended you do this process each night after use of your machine.

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